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*007 Racing

*Cheat Page

Press up, down, left, right at the main screen.

*Unlock all levels

At the main menu screen hold down L1 while pressing: X, Circle, X, Circle

*Vantage Car

At the title screen, press L1, R1, Triangle, Circle, X ..You will hear laughter. Hit "START" and go to "2 Player".The "Vantage" will now be available.

*All Missions in 00 Agent Mode

Finish the Highway Hazard mission and do not make contact with any traffic cars

*Get Slippery Tracks

Use the Gimme A Brake mission in 00 Agent mode and knock over all hydrants while finishing the mission

*Get Tall Pedestrians

Put in LEMKE for your name using mission mode

*Pre-mission replay

Complete pre-mission in under 90 seconds to get replay, in Agent mode

*No Radar

2 player.Complete Ambush with 85 % health remaining.

*Red Sea

Mission 5.Disable all 3 tanks and complete 'Survive the Jungle' mission.

*Double Health

Complete the 'Breakout' mission with 100% health remaining.

*Crazy Skid Marks

Complete the 'Escape' mission with a 100% score.

*Mad Missile Trails

00 Agent mode.All empty tents without powerups must remain intact when level is complete

*Double Damage

2 player.Collect all Nitro and TSP-6060 pickups, and complete 'River Race' mission.

*All Gadgets

00 Agent.Complete 'Showdown' mission in under 2 minutes.

*Purple Explosions

00 Agent.Complete the 'Download' mission with a perfect score.

*Blue Goggles

Complete the 'Submerged' mission with 100% health.

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