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*Batman Forever

*Play as villains

Hold down X, Circle, L2 and RIGHT on the second controller.This allows you to play any of the villians.

*Batman's Special Moves and Combo's:

Lunge Grab - Right, Right + Punch

Hop Kick - Right, Right + Kick

Uppercut - Down, Right-Down, Right + Punch

Sliding Kick - Down, Right-Down, Right + Kick

Roundhouse Kick - Left, Right + Kick

Block - Hold Punch + Kick (Move D-pad to evade)

Taser Combo - With taser, Hop Kick, Hop Kick, Hop Kick (repeat)

Long Combo - Roundhouse Kick, Punch, Punch, Sliding Kick, Kick, Uppercut, Punch, (repeat sliding Kick, Kick, Uppercut, Punch until frenzy)

*Robin's Special Moves & Combos:

Palm Strike - Right, Right + Punch

Flick-Flack - Right, Right + Kick

Flash Kick - Down, Right-Down, Right + Kick

Reverse Flash Kick - Left, Right + Kick

Jump Kick - Jump, Kick

Twist Kick - Jump, Down + Kick

Block - Hold Punch + Kick (move D-pad to evade)

Taser Combo - With taser, Flick-Flack,Flick-Flack,Flick-Flack(repeat)

Long Combo - Flash Kick, Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick, Punch, Punch, Flash Kick (repeat Flash Kick until frenzy)

*Other Tips

If an enemy throws a barrel, tire or other object at you, you can catch it by pressing the Punch button as the object nears you.

If you select the VR bonus before entering Stage 4, you can destroy the helicopter easily by using the VR to freeze all of the enemies just as the enemies and concentrate on firing super batarangs at the helicopters.

When the Monarch Bat makes its sweeping attack, press Punch + Kick to block; you won't take any damage. However, blocking will not protect you from the bat's fire attack.

At the start of the game, if you jump on the hood of the Batmobile and stay there, you can prevent it from driving away so quickly.

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