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*Battle Arena Toshinden 3

*Parry Attack

Press LEFT and TRIANGLE or CIRCLE at the same time.Each character has one or more attacks that cause them to flash white,deflect any incoming attack, and launch a powerful counter-attack.Kayin doesn't have a TRIANGLE version, just press CIRCLE, LEFT .You still take damage if you're hit by an incoming attack, but you don't suffer any other effects.

*Juggle Break

Hammer CIRCLE after you've been bounced up into the air from an attack.This will often let you 'bounce' out of the juggle.


When you are thrown horizontally into a wall, hitting TRIANGLE will let you shoot back in a horizontal path while attacking. CIRCLE lets you land safely without the attack.


Hold back and press CIRCLE and TRIANGLE , while in throwing range, and your character will grab their opponent and pull them while turning around.Your character winds up facing the back of their opponent.

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