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*Flight Mode

Finish game in less than 1:30:00, then use Player 2 control to hold "L2+R2" and press "X". Then you use control 1 and press "X" to activate Fly Mode. Use R2 and L2 to fly upward and downward. Press code again to return to Jump Mode.After you finish game(clear all stages, regardless of time) you can keep your newly acquired weapons and ammos, however SAPUs (shields) are cut in half.Call up the map, now you can see hidden areas on the map.

*Chicken Mode

At The Press Start Button screen, hold UP + RIGHT + X + Square.Press START. Enemy Attack and Defense Power will be cut to half, also more time is allowed to complete a level.

*Hard Mode

At the Title screen, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, X, Triangle, Circle.

*Special Mode

Finish game in less than 1:30:00.You can now select Movie, SE, Sound, etc.

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