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*Bloody Roar 2

*New Options

Complete the arcade mode to access a custom option that has big head mode, recovery speed and others.

*Expert Mode

At the title screen press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

*Play Gado

Use any character to complete the game with arcade mode.

*Play Shen Long

Use any character to complete the game without any continues.

*Fight Shen Long

If you defeat Shen Long in the Special Stage it will unlock Ending 1 on the Movies and Pictures Menu.

*4th Outfit

If you complete the game with all characters using arcade mode you will have a new costume to pick, just hit start at the character selection screen.

*Full Pause Screen (for screenshots)

After pausing press R2.

*Easy Rage Attack

Instead of the long command in the manual book , get close to your opponent and press L1.


After you win a match hold L1 during replay and L2 to cancel.

*Extra outfit/beast color

When you choose your person to fight with, hit O to select them and hold it until the fight begins, you will have a different color outfit on and the beast form will be a different color too. Example: Stun will be green, Long will be purple and his beast form will be half white and half black.

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